BCMH provides various types of assessments, including but not limited  to immigration/hardship assessments, adult and adolescent ADHD,  Individual education plans (IEPs)

Therapeutic Visits

BCMH offers therapeutic visits for clients who have been court-ordered to have con-joint therapy between parents/guardians and their children. This service is provided both in person and virtually.  If you are interested, please  feel free to reach out to us via email at  info@beachcitiesmh.org.

Therapeutic Coaching

BCMH offers one-on-one therapeutic coaching to help clients achieve the change they seek. Therapeutic coaching is a more structured, guided form of counseling. Sessions focus more on setting goals and defining actionable steps to help clients make the progress they are seeking. Contact us today to see how BCMH can help you reach new heights. 

Clinical Areas